Newspaper Clothing

This is another piece from my ColorStrutting clothing line. It’s stretchy, fashionable, and comfortable. What more could you ask for?! I decided to make a crop top and mini skirt along with a dress made out of the same fabric.

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A Little Bit Of Sweet And A Little Bit Of Danger

This new item on my ColorStrutting website is called “Guns and Roses”. When I was looking at the fabric online, it took me FOREVER to figure out what I wanted to do with it! So I asked myself… ” What would I wear if I saw this fabric?!” Well I thought the only way it would look right is if it was a dress. Now… I will forever be a fan of baby doll dresses with a wide bottom, but I knew this fabric wouldn’t match that style.
So, I went for a straight close fitting dress. After it was sewn, and I tried it on, I loved it! It became the cute party dress that I absolutely adore, and won’t see anywhere else! It’s stretchy and you have the option of making it an off shoulder or a one-shoulder dress. It’s like a perfect 2 in 1 lol.

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Black and White African Bralette

I love African fabrics and this is one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I just ordered some new African fabrics for my upcoming designs. On my ColorStrutting website, not only do I want to display different colors, but I want to show off distinct patterns on my clothes as well. This bralette looks just like my previous camouflage bralette. It has a three inch elastic at the back and it has a bra hook to attach both sides at the back as well. Hope you guys love this item as much as I do!

***Your feedback is also very important to me, so if you guys have any design ideas that I can pass on, I will surely take them into consideration! Just comment below or contact me through various social media listed below! 🙂

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Here is another one of my ColorStrutting outfits! I call this one bouquet 🙂
I love this outfit simply because of the pattern of the fabric. Fun, abstract, and flower pattern fabrics are what’s in… Especially for the summer! It is a crop top with a high waisted skirt (depending on how you adjust it). The crop top has a soft black lace sewn on to the edge. The cotton fabric used to make the outfit is also stretchy… Which I love because I don’t like when fabrics are too tight or constrict you from moving as you should.

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Dressing Room Selfie

Dressing room selfies are the best! When I was at Anthropologie a while back, I fell in love with this outfit. It was so cute and lightweight, which was perfect for this hot and humid Florida weather! The pants had such a vibrant and unique look to them, that I didn’t have put in too much effort to dress it up. Still love this outfit today!



For those who don’t know, I attend The University Of Florida… One of the best schools ever! GO GATORS!!!!!!! I am now starting my second year at UF, and it’s time to reapply to this modeling organization. Besides doing homework all day, I like to have a little fun, so about a year ago I joined this modeling organization at school called Fashion X-Clusive. I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys some pictures. I had so much fun in this modeling group and it was truly a confidence builder!





Camouflage Bralette and Shorts

Some may think this outfit is tom-boyish and some may not. What really matters is how you dress it up or down! Like I have said numerous times before, I will say it again, I look for comfort when I’m wearing clothes. That is my goal; to be comfortable and cute. In these pictures is one of my most recent designs that were added to my ColorStrutting website.

As you can see it is a bralette and knee length shorts. A cotton camouflage fabric was used to make this outfit. The bralette has a 3-inch elastic and it has a bra hook to hold it together at the back. I love every piece of clothing on my website, but this is one of my favorites.

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