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coco is chanel

hey all…usually i share photos of celebrities that inspire my style. today i am being a creep and selecting a random person. StyleisMything on IG and also on the web (linked) is amazing. so envious. her style is impeccably neat and fashion forward…not to mention she’s gawjesssss. take a looksie:












loves her!!! If you know of anyone else who you follow or even yourself please submit them to

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Aug 23, 2013 – Aug 23, 2014

I love her style and the food she blogs about! I honestly think I have found my first favorite blogger! Just love it!

I've Got Cake

IMG_5299_1_2I received a lot of positive feedback the last time I wore mens gym shorts so I figured, hey, let’s keep a good thing rollin’.

This time I decided to go equally casual on top and pair it with my new booties. Unfortunately, we were having some wonky weather when I took these but I’ll be sure to take a decent close-up on these booties next time I wear them.

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Umbrella skirt

I am seeing allot of these long skirts nowadays… Such a cute trend!

project and order

Hmmmm when i SAW This sateen “duches sateen ” i Fell in love already !
Then make It into This gorgeous skirt And it’s just even Better !!! Satisfied Feeling AKA chuffed !!!!
People are starting order This beauty And i think i Will hypermart myself with my sewing machine on my little studio for a while 🙂 what do you think ?


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Your Favorite White Dress

I don’t see white dresses very often selling in department stores. But I still love them. My Etsy shop is called ColorStrutting, and the first thing I did was include a white dress. They don’t seem very common and I wanted one that resembled my age group. At the time, I wanted to design a dress that had lace in it and some kind of sheer fabric. Of course, I also wanted my dress to be somewhat versatile on its looks; it can be dressed up or dressed down.

The entire dress is made up of a white stretch cotton fabric with lace on top. I am always a fan of abstract shaped cut outs, but since. I didn’t want to show too much skin around the stomach and back, a sheer fabric was placed in the from and back as shown in the photos. The lace itself continues down one arm to create a one-shoulder dress. I think this dress is absolutely adorable and. I hope you guys think so too! Plus, a white dress will always make you stand out lol.

If you guys are interested in seeing more of my designs, here is my shop website.




Lace Up My Baby Doll Dress

I absolutely adore this dress that I designed. This dress is also on my Etsy (ColorStrutting). You can dress it up with a cute pair of heels and a cute bag to match. If you’re feeling a little punk-rockish for the evening you can throw on a leather jacket and some booties! It’s comfortable and stylish, and those two elements are something that I always look for when shopping for clothes.





Milan, Milan-oh!


When I hear the name Milan, I instantly think of high fashion, a street or mall filled with designer shops such as, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Channel etc… beautiful, tall and naturally tanned women, with long flowing curly brunette hair like they just stepped out of a L’Oréal advertisement, and the men… well, tall tanned muscular Adonis type, wearing colourful trousers and loafers! !


Imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to go!! I immediately packed my latest purchases!!  Summer sleek!


I decided to do Milan as if I lived their, and after tapping a local guy on the shoulder (who spoke quite good English), he directed me to the main sightseeing area and shops, of course!!

So I caught the tram which was quiet different to the trams I’m accustomed to.


I arrived at DUOMO. an amazing historical church; the architecture is jaw dropping!


So okay, we saw the…

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